Laser and Photonics

M/s HAAS Laser Technologies Inc., U.S.A.

Laser Beam Delivery Components

Beam Waist Analyser.

M/s Lambert Instruments (perfection in image detection), Netherlands

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Systems (FLIM)

Intensified High Speed Cameras.

M/s PAR SYSTEMS, South Africa

High Repetition Rate TE Pulsed CO2 Lasers

M/s Photonics Industries International, Inc., USA

Nanosecond lasers (IR, Green, UV, Deep UV)

Picosecond Lasers

Tunable Lasers (Ti: Sapphire, OPO)

Dual Head Laser for PIV application

M/s PIEZOCONCEPT( Your piezostage creator)

Fiber Optic Connectors Connectors with Active core alignment Adapters Terminators Attenuators Video Inspection Microscope Optical Fiber Patch Cords