Dynotech Instruments
Dynotech Instruments
  Laser Marking ,Laser Power Meter , QE Measurement for Solar , Vibration Isolation Tables , Detection System , Femto second laser , Nano second Laser , Laser Energy Meter , Laser Interferometer , Terahertz System ,Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging , E-2000/Fiber Optic connector , Fine art conservation , Medical Laser modules ,Laser Beam delivery
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Dynotech Instruments Pvt. Ltd is a leading supplier of products & solutions in the field of Lasers, Optics, Fiber Optics, Semiconductors & Nanotechnology. We are working as exclusive representative for world’s leading manufacturers.

We are a leading supplier for Sales and Services of superior quality of products in the mentioned fields. Ever since our inception in the year 2001, we have been supplying various instruments to leading industries & research center in India. Our strategy is focused on continuously exceeding customer expectation, by providing best quality products & technology to our valued customers.

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Quanta System, ITALY Clark-MXR, Inc.,USA CryLas ,GERMANY NANO-MASTER, Inc. LAMBERT INSTRUMENTS HAAS LASER TECHNOLGIES, INC.,USA Cambridge Nano Tech Inc. USA MANLIGHT  DME Nanotechnologie GmbH,Germany Time-Bandwidth
Lasers Modules
Vibration Isolation Tables
Detection System
Vibro - Meter
CCD Camera
Laser System for Industries
Fiber Optics
Optics and Optical Systems
Terahertz Imaging
Metrology and Calibration
Laser Beam Delivery