Industrial Laser

Laser cutting machine

Working principle: Cutting is achieved by powerful laser focused on object to cause instant melting and evaporation, with xenon lamp as the generator. Automatic cutting is controlled by digitalized mechanic system .This machine has condensed the technologies of laser, digital,and precise mechanics.


Smooth and fine edge or surface and small distortion.

Higher cutting speed and low cost, operation safe and stable function.

Imported servo motor and gearing system to guarantee precise cutting.

The dedicated software enables graphic or text to be instantly designed or processed.Flexible and easy operation.

Products applications: Sheet metal cutting Stainless steels cutting Spectacles frames cutting Accessories fabrications Hardware fabrications Automotives parts Advertisement arts Stainless steel decorations Kitchen appliances Stainless steel racks Stainless steel accessories Signboards Electrical appliances Signage, Furniture And more others which needed precision cutting of raw materials.

Applicable materials: Stainless steels Carbon steels Stainless iron Zinc coated iron sheets Aluminum alloys Aluminum Copper Rare metals And certain types of ceramics. Owing to the rich industry experience, we have been able to provide the customers with a commendable assortment of Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine. You simply won't find more feature-filled systems than those in the Laser Machine. Each feature has been designed with you in mind, and how you can get the most from the laser. You'll find features that improve connection capabilities, simplify project setup, and much more.

Laser welding machine

The laser welding is an advanced welding process technique, working with 4 axises control by system, it able to welding various different shape items, the work piece no distortion; no colour change; the weld point smooth, this laser welding machine widely applied to process jewelry; horologe; electric products; eyeglasses frame and some industries where require good welding effect.

The 4 axises linkage laser welding machine is able to do spot-welding, also can do the continuous welding; butt welding; stitch welding, seal welding, etc., the weld width small and heat-affected zone is small, no deformation.



Laser & Photonics

Fiber Optics

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