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Laser cleaning: A holy grail for industrial cleaning applications

Laser cleaning is an environment-friendly process altogether. It can be utilized to effectively remove contaminants from the surface of metals. Given its accuracy and efficacy, it is being increasingly used for a wide range of applications, serving a number of industries. Laser cleaning is done using a pulsed-fiber laser over the traditional methods of cleaning […]

Effects of process parameters on laser weld quality

Prior to using a laser welding machine, it is important to verify a number of important parameters. Here are some important steps to ensure that the welding operations turn out to be a success. In a typical laser welding process, a number of welding process parameters affect the quality of the weld joint. Laser welding […]

Laser welding: An innovative tool for lean welding

Laser welding is increasingly becoming an important manufacturing technology for a number of production processes. Laser welding is a process that joins thermoplastics and metals together, utilising a laser beam to give form to a weld. Being the highly concentrated source of heat that it is, laser welding for thinner materials can be effectively carried […]

Latest Trend in Additive Manufacturing

3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process of making 3 dimensional solid objects from a digital file/model, typically by laying down many consecutive thin layers of a material. Introducing our principal Aconity3D GmbH, which specializes in the design and distribution of modular machine tools for powder bed based laser beam melting of metals. The […]

Process of Laser Plastic Welding

Laser beam welding is a welding technique used to join pieces of metal or thermoplastics through the use of a laser. The technique of laser welding is considered a high energy density beam process, and can be used to join thick matter with the welds. With many years of creativity and innovations, industries started getting […]